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Studio Z 20.8
  • Active Field in Timer Event: New field to activate or deactivate a timer event
  • Observable field for all workflows: New field to enable another workflow to be triggered from the main workflow
  • Mobile Page Builder: Form View for Editing Components Removed Temporarily
ISAC Platform (Web & Server)
  • Mandatory EULA: Users must now consent to the EULA before using the Zinier web app
  • User Licensing Report: Download a pdf report on User Analytics
  • MCL 2.0 Improvements: Includes Dynamic Filter support for all chart widgets; Displays Datagrid in full view
  • Export: File Name can now be configured on Export
  • Duration Component: New component that enables users to easily enter the duration such as months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Performance Logs (BETA): Displays the duration a page takes to render on ISAC platform
  • App Store: Displays the latest available app version, upgrade availability and update/install logs