FSE101: Essentials of Field Service Elements

This course is recommended for ALL audiences.
Time Investment = 1 Day

It provides a quick introduction to Zinier and Zinier’s platform – ISAC.

After a quick overview of FSE, it delves deeper into the components of FSE that are essentials for field service automation. It identifies the various terms used, and the steps in defining work for field technicians. Demos reinforce concepts by providing various screens in the Zinier desktop and Zinier mobile app. Objectives

  • Review Zinier the company and the Zinier platform
  • Introduction to FSE
  • Identify FSE components and their relationships
  • Create data required for field service
  • Examine technician and web user capabilities
  • Create and use work orders for field service 

Z101: Introduction to Zinier v2

This course is recommended for ALL audiences.
Time Investment: 1 Day

It provides an introduction to Zinier and the Zinier Platform (ISAC). During the course, you will examine the functionality of key components through a series of lectures and demos. Pass the quiz at the end to confirm your understanding of the platform.


  • Introduce Zinier
  • Examine Field Service Automation using Zinier
  • Review features and benefits of the Zinier Platform – ISAC
  • Identify web and mobile capabilities
  • Learn key terms used in Zinier app development
  • Discuss Events – the driving force behind automation

Z402: Advanced Solution Development

This self-study course is a follow-on to the Z401 course.
Time Investment = 1 Week

You will examine best practices for data modeling and application design. Build enterprise-grade Web Applications using complex queries, workflow-driven pages, and other guidelines. You will enhance mobile interaction through multiple pages and menus. Learn how to optimize supporting components such as queries and workflows.

A number of hands-on labs let you explore Studio Z’s capabilities and choose the options that work best for you.


  • Review Zinier’s platform and application development
  • Build enterprise-grade Web Applications
  • Explore interactive and optimized Mobile Applications
  • Discuss the components used in advanced queries
  • Examine workflow design for performance and reusability

Z401: Solution Development With Zinier

This course reviews Zinier’s platform and describes the development of solutions using the platform.
Time Investment: 1 Week

Create Web Applications and Mobile Applications. Build workflows for human and automated processes. Learn about the different kinds of events and how they are used. Take part in hands-on labs to create, deploy, and update the different types of applications. Complete all labs to build your own solution!


  • Introduce Zinier’s platform and applications
  • Build, test, and deploy Web Applications
  • Create, deploy, and test Mobile Applications
  • Install required software for JSON editing and API testing
  • Use Zinier’s Platform API
  • Design and use multiple types of workflows
  • Configure events and related workflows